Taiwan Stocks

Fubon Taiwan Technology Tracker Fund
Fubon No.1 Real Estate Investment Trust
Cathay No.1 REIT
Shin Kong No. 1 REIT
Fubon No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust
Cathay No.2 REIT
O Bank No. 1 REIT
Millerful No. 1 REIT
Taiwan Cement Corp
Taiwan Cement Corp. Pfd.
Asia Cement Corporation
Chia Hsin Cement Corporation
Universal Cement Corporation
Lucky Cement Corporation
Hsing Ta Cement Company Limited
Southeast Cement Co.Ltd
Wei Chuan Foods Corporation
Ve Wong Corporation
Great Wall Enterprise Co. Ltd
Oceanic Beverages Co., Inc
Charoen Pokphand Enterprise(Taiwan) Co., Ltd
Uni-President Enterprises Corp
AGV Products Corporation
Taisun Enterprise Co. Ltd
Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd
Tai Roun Products Co.Ltd
Formosa Oilseed Processing Co. Ltd
Standard Foods Corporation
Lien Hwa Industrial Holdings Corporation
Lian Hwa Foods Corporation
TTET Union Corporation
Ten Ren Tea Co. Ltd
Hey-Song Corporation
Shin Tai Industry Co. Ltd
Hunya Foods Co., Ltd
Sunjuice Holdings Co., Limited
Formosa Plastics Corporation
Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
USI Corporation
China General Plastics Corporation
San Fang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
Asia Polymer Corporation
Taita Chemical Company Limited
Taiwan Styrene Monomer Corporation
Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corporation
Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corporation
UPC Technology Corporation
China Petrochemical Development Corporation
Tah Hsin Industrial Corporation
Sun Yad Construction Co.,Ltd
Tong Yang Industry Co. Ltd
Ocean Plastics Co. Ltd
Yonyu Plastics Co. Ltd
Globe Industries Corporation
Universal Incorporation
Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp
Asia Plastic Recycling Holding Limited
Hiroca Holdings Ltd
Y.C.C. Parts Mfg. Co. Ltd
Victory New Materials Limited Company
Fulin Plastic Industry (Cayman) Holding Co. Ltd
Cathay Consolidated Inc
Far Eastern New Century Corporation
Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation
Nan Yang Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd
Hung Chou Fiber Ind. Co., Ltd
Tung Ho Textile Co., Ltd
Kwong Fong Industries Corp
Carnival Industrial Corporation
Tong-Hwa Synthetic Fiber Company Limited
Shinkong Textile Co.,Ltd
Reward Wool Industry Corporation
TRK Corporation
Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd
Chung Fu Tex-International Corporation
Hua Yu Lien Development Co., Ltd
GTM Holdings Corporation
SanDi Properties Co.Ltd
Chuwa Wool Industry Co. (Taiwan) Ltd
Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd
Tah Tong Textile Co., Ltd
Advancetek Enterprise Co.Ltd
Lily Textile Co., Ltd
Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd
Universal Textile Co. Ltd
Hong Ho Precision Textile Co.,Ltd
Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd
Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd
Hong Yi Fiber Ind. Co., Ltd
Ta Jiang Co., Ltd
Taiwan Taffeta Fabric Co. Ltd
Zig Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd
I-HWA Industrial Co.Ltd
Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd
Lan Fa Textile Co.,Ltd
Everest Textile Co., Ltd
Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co. Ltd
De Licacy Industrial Co., Ltd
Wisher Industrial Co. Ltd
Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation
Tex-Ray Industrial Co. Ltd
Chang-Ho Fibre Corporation
evertex fabrinology limited
Solytech Enterprise Corporation
Tri Ocean Textile Co. Ltd
Tainan Enterprises Co.Ltd
Honmyue Enterprise Co. Ltd
Big Sun Shine CO., LTD
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd
Makalot Industrial Co. Ltd
Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation
TECO Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd
Right Way Industrial Co.,Ltd
Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd
Jui Li Enterprise Co., Ltd
Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg Corp
Allis Electric Co.Ltd
Rexon Industrial Corp.Ltd
Falcon Power Co., Ltd
Leechi Machinery Industry Ltd. Co
Fortune Electric Co., Ltd
Ta Yih Industrial Co. Ltd
TYC Brother Industrial Co. Ltd
Gordon Auto Body Parts Co. Ltd
Kian Shen Corp
Sun Race Sturmey-Archer Inc
Basso Industry Corp
Anderson Industrial Corporation
Klingon Aerospace Inc
Awea mechantronic co.ltd
Kaulin Mfg. Co. Ltd
China Metal Products Co., Ltd
Mobiletron Electronics Co.,Ltd
China Ecotek Corporation
Hota Industrial Mfg. Co Ltd
Kung Long Batteries Industrial Co.,Ltd
Jenn Feng Industrial Co., Ltd
Chiu Ting Machinery Co., Ltd
Roundtop Machinery Industries Co., Ltd
CHANG TYPE Industrial Co. Ltd
Zeng Hsing Industrial Co. Ltd
Kinik Company
Tsang Yow Industrial Co.Ltd
Syncmold Enterprise Corp
Goodway Machine Corp
Cryomax Cooling System Corp
Yeong Guan Energy Technology Group Co. Ltd
AirTAC International Group
Enterex International Limited
Chieftek Precision Co Ltd
Dyaco International Inc
China Wire & Cable Co. Ltd
Sampo Corporation
Walsin Lihwa Corporation
Hua Eng Wire & Cable Co. Ltd
Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable
China Electric Mfg. Corporation
Hong Tai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
Taiwan Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd
Dah San Electric Wire & Cable Corp
Evertop Wire Cable Corporation
Jung Shing Wire Co. Ltd
Hold-Key Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
Airmate (Cayman) International Co Limited
China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Namchow Holdings Co. Ltd
Grape King Bio Ltd
Sesoda Corporation
Formosan Union Chemical Corp
Oriental Union Chemical Corporation
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation
Sinon Corporation
Cathay Chemical Works Inc
Ho Tung Chemical Corp
Eternal Materials Co., Ltd
China Man-Made Fiber Corporation
Standard Chem & Pharm CO., LTD
Sunko Ink Co., Ltd
Taiwan Fertilizer Co. Ltd
China Steel Chemical Corporation
T.N.C. Industrial Co. Ltd
Yuan Jen Enterprises Co.,Ltd
Yung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg.Co.Ltd
Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works Ltd
Farcent Enterprise Co., Ltd
Maywufa Co Ltd
Mao Bao Inc
Apex Biotechnology Corp
Sinphar Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd
Evermore Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Johnson Health Tech. Co. Ltd
Taiyen Biotech Co. Ltd
Nang Kuang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Panion & BF Biotech Inc
Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd
Shiny Chemical Industrial Co Ltd
Headway Advanced Materials Inc
Maxigen Biotech Inc
SciVision Biotech Inc
ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd
Lotus Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Taiwan Glass Ind Corp
Better Life Group Co., LTD
Champion Building Materials Co., Ltd
Run Long Construction Co.Ltd
China Glaze Co.,Ltd
Hocheng Corporation
Sanitar Co Ltd
Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation
Shihlin Paper Corporation
Cheng Loong Corp
Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation
Baolong International Co., Ltd
Longchen Paper & Packaging Co., Ltd
China Steel Corporation
China Steel Corp Pref
Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation
Yieh Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd
Kao Hsing Chang Iron & Steel Corp
First Copper Technology Co. Ltd
Chun Yuan Steel Industry Co. Ltd
Chun Yu Works & Co. Ltd
China Steel Structure Co. Ltd
Chung Hung Steel Corporation
Feng Hsin Steel Co.Ltd
Quintain Steel Co. LTD
Mayer Steel Pipe Corporation
Tycoons Group Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd
Chih Lien Industrial Co. Ltd
Chien Shing Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
Ta Chen Stainless Pipe Co. Ltd
Wei Chih Steel Industrial Co.,Ltd
Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd
Froch Enterprise Co. Ltd
Hsin Kuang Steel Company Limited
Sinkang Industries Co Ltd
Chia Ta World Co. Ltd
YC Inox Co.Ltd
Hai Kwang Enterprise Corporation
Hiwin Technologies Corp
King Slide Works Co. Ltd
Sunspring Metal Corporation
Yuen Chang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd
Nankang Rubber Tire Corp.,Ltd
Federal Corporation
TSRC Corporation
International CSRC Investment Holdings Co. Ltd
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd
Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd
Formosan Rubber Group Inc
NANTEX Industry Co. Ltd
Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd
Hsin Yung Chien Co. Ltd
Luhai Holding Corp
Yulon Motor Company Ltd
China Motor Corporation
Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd
Hotai Motor Co.,Ltd
CSBC Corporation
Evergreen Steel Corp
Yulon Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
Iron Force Industrial Co. Ltd
Cub Elecparts Inc
TURVO International Co. Ltd
Patec Precision Industry Co. Ltd
Cayman Engley Industrial Co. Ltd
Amulaire Thermal Technology Inc
Pan German Universal Motors Ltd.
IKKA Holdings (Cayman) Limited
Lite-On Technology Corporation
Rectron Limited
United Microelectronics Corporation
Microtek International, Inc
Delta Electronics Inc
Kinpo Electronics, Inc
Compeq Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Microelectronics Technology Inc
WUS Printed Circuit Co. Ltd
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd
Tecom Co., Ltd
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Compal Electronics Inc
Yageo Corporation
Pan-International Industrial Corp
Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Limited
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
Elitegroup Computer Systems Co.Ltd
D-Link Corporation
Macronix International Co Ltd
Taiwan Mask Corporation
Opto Tech Corporation
Mosel Vitelic Inc
Winbond Electronics Corporation
Accton Technology Corporation
Synnex Technology International Corporation
Hiyes International Co., Ltd
Hiyes International Co. Ltd. Pfd.
RITEK Corporation
SDI Corporation
Qisda Corporation
Acer Inc
Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd
Chin-Poon Industrial Co. Ltd
Inventec Corporation
ASUSTeK Computer Inc
Ting Sin Co Ltd
Solomon Technology Corporation
Chroma ATE Inc
Clevo Co
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp
Twinhead International Corp
KYE Systems Corp
Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corp
Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd
Lingsen Precision Industries, Ltd
Tatung Co., Ltd
Aurora Corporation
Ability Enterprise Co. Ltd
Kaimei Electronic Corp
Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd
Micro-Star International Co. Ltd
Realtek Semiconductor Corp
Avision Inc
Quanta Computer Inc
Elite Material Co. Ltd
Chicony Electronics Co. Ltd
Sunrex Technology Corporation
VIA Technologies Inc
Everspring Industry Co., Ltd
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd
Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd
Advantech Co., Ltd
Biostar Microtech International Corp
Sunplus Technology Company Limited
Ichia Technologies, Inc
United Integrated Services Co Ltd
Shuttle Inc
Gigastorage Corporation
Nanya Technology Corp
AU Optronics Corp
Chunghwa Telecom Co
Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd
Unitech Computer Co. Ltd
CX Technology Corporation
AVerMedia Technologies Inc
Hitron Technologies Inc
Zippy Technology Corp
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co Ltd
Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd
Lung Hwa Electronics Co., Ltd
Chaintech Technology Corporation
Tyntek Corporation
Mercuries Data Systems Ltd
Thinking Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd
Abonmax Co., Ltd
Tsann Kuen Enterprise Co.Ltd
Lien Chang Electronic Enterprise Co. Ltd
Huxen Corporation
Mospec Semiconductor Corp
Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc
Enlight Corporation
Merry Electronics Co. Ltd
Space Shuttle Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
Greatek Electronics Inc
Jean Co.Ltd
Lead Data Inc
AboCom Systems, Inc
King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd
Senao International Co. Ltd
Transcend Information, Inc
Syscom Computer Engineering Co
MediaTek Inc
Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co Ltd
Chilisin Electronics Corp
Phihong Technology Co., Ltd
ELAN Microelectronics Corporation
Audix Corporation
GEM Terminal Industry Co.,Ltd
K Laser Technology Inc
Taiwan Line Tek Electronic Co., Ltd
Mirle Automation Corporation
Leadtek Research Inc
Cosmo Electronics Corporation
C Sun Mfg Ltd
Fortune Information Systems Corp
Ares International Corp
Lelon Electronics Corp
Catcher Technology Co. Ltd
G-SHANK Enterprise Co., Ltd
Meiloon Industrial Co., Ltd
TA-I Technology Co Ltd
Stark Technology Inc
Panjit International Inc
Uniform Industrial Corporation
Excel Cell Electronic Co. Ltd
Siward Crystal Technology Co. Ltd
Zinwell Corporation
I-Chiun Precision Industry Co. Ltd
Hanpin Electron Co. Ltd
AmTRAN Technology Co.Ltd
Fortune Oriental Company Limited
Walsin Technology Corporation
Ampoc Far-East Co., Ltd
Infortrend Technology Inc
Success Prime Corp
E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd
HTC Corporation
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd
Cathay Real Estate Development Co.Ltd
Goldsun Building Materials Co. Ltd
Kuo Yang Construction Co.Ltd
Pacific Construction Co., Ltd
Chainqui Construction Development Co.,Ltd
Prince Housing & Development Corp
Long Bon International Co.,Ltd
BES Engineering Corporation
New Asia Construction & Development Corp
Kindom Development Co., Ltd
King's Town Construction Co., Ltd
Hung Ching Development & Construction Co. Ltd
Crowell Development Corp
Delpha Construction Co.,Ltd
Hung Sheng Construction Ltd
Da-Cin Construction Co.Ltd
Hong Pu Real Estate Development Co. Ltd
WE & WIN Development Co., LTD
Kee Tai Properties Co. Ltd
Sakura Development Co.Ltd
JSL Construction & Development Co. Ltd
Highwealth Construction Corp
Hwang Chang General Contractor Co., Ltd
Huang Hsiang Construction Corporation
Kedge Construction Co., Ltd
Radium Life Technology Co. Ltd
Huaku Development Co. Ltd
Ruentex Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
First Steamship Co., Ltd
Evergreen Marine Corp Taiwan Ltd
Sincere Navigation Corporation
U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation
Evergreen International Storage & Transport Corporation
Kerry TJ Logistics Company Limited
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
China Airlines, Ltd
Tze Shin International Co. Ltd
Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd
China Container Terminal Corporation
Eastern Media International Corporation
Wan Hai Lines Ltd
Shan-Loong Transportation Co.Ltd
Taiwan Navigation Co., Ltd
EVA Airways Corp
Air Asia Co Ltd
Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
T3EX Global Holdings Corp
Wisdom Marine Lines Co Ltd
Taiwan Pelican Express Co. Ltd
Wanhwa Enterprise Company
Hotel Holiday Garden
The Ambassador Hotel,Ltd
Leofoo Development Co., Ltd
First Hotel Company Ltd
Formosa International Hotels Corporation
FarGlory Hotel Co.Ltd
Chateau International Development Co. Ltd
Gourmet Master Co. Ltd
Wowprime Corp
Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd
My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting Co., Ltd
FDC International Hotels Corp
Bafang Yunji Intl Co Ltd
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd
King’s Town Bank
Taichung Commercial Bank Co. Ltd
Union Insurance Co. Ltd
China Bills Finance Corporation
China Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Taiwan Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd
Taiwan Business Bank Ltd
Bank of Kaohsiung Co. Ltd
Union Bank of Taiwan
Union Bank of Taiwan Pref
Taiwan Land Development Corporation
Far Eastern International Bank Ltd
EnTie Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
Shinkong Insurance Co. Ltd
Central Reinsurance Corporation
The First Insurance Co. Ltd
President Securities Corporation
Mercuries Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co. Ltd
Fubon Financial Holding Co. Ltd
Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd
Fubon Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd. B
Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd
Cathay Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd.
Cathay Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd. B
China Development Financial Holding Corporation
E.SUN Financial Holding Company Ltd
Yuanta Financial Holdings Co Ltd
Mega Financial Holding Co., Ltd
Taishin Financial Holding Co. Ltd
Taishin Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd.
Taishin Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd.
Shin Kong Financial Holding Co Ltd
Shin Kong Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd. B
IBF Financial Holdings Co Ltd
SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Limited
CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd
CTBC Financial Holding Co. Ltd.
CTBC Financial Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd.
First Financial Holding Co. Ltd
O-Bank Co., Ltd
O-Bank Co. Ltd. Pfd.
Shin Shin Co Ltd
Far Eastern Department Stores, Ltd
Prime Oil Chemical Service Corporation
Mercuries & Associates Holding, Ltd
Collins Co., Ltd
Test-Rite International Co. Ltd
Tonlin Department Store Co.Ltd
Les Enphants Co., Ltd
President Chain Store Corporation
Taiwan Tea Corporation
Ruentex Industries Limited
Sino Horizon Holdings Limited
TOPBI International Holdings Limited
Coaster International Co., Ltd
Kayee International Group Co., Ltd
Simple Mart Retail Co Ltd
AHOKU Electronic Company
K.S. Terminals Inc
National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation
Getac Technology Corporation
Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Tech Inc
LARGAN Precision Co.Ltd
Wah Lee Industrial Corp
Ji-Haw Industrial Co.,Ltd
Chenming Electronic Technology Corporation
ITE Tech. Inc
FSP Technology Inc
Episil-Precision Inc
Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd
Tung Kai Technology Engineering Co., LTD
Asia Optical Co., Inc
Welltend Technology Corporation
IEI Integration Corp
SINBON Electronics Co. Ltd
Action Electronics Co. Ltd
Loop Telecommunication InternationalInc
Holy Stone Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Billion Electric Co., Ltd
Zenitron Corporation
Zero One Technology Co.Ltd
Test Research Inc
Bright LED Electronics Corp
Compucase Enterprise Co., Ltd
Weikeng Industrial Co., Ltd
Novatek Microelectronics Corp
Faraday Technology Corporation
WT Microelectronics Co. Ltd
WT Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Pfd.
Unimicron Technology Corp
Emerging Display Technologies Corp
Global View Co., Ltd
ALi Corporation
TXC Corporation
Powercom Co., Ltd
Tripod Technology Corporation
Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd
Aopen Inc
EDIMAX Technology Co. Ltd
EDOM Technology Co. Ltd
HannsTouch Solution Incorporated
U-Tech Media Corporation
Optimax Technology Corporation
Apex Science & Engineering Corp
LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd
Spirox Corporation
ZongTai Real Estate Development Co Ltd
Promise Technology, Inc
Leader Electronics Inc
Altek Corporation
Min Aik Technology Co., Ltd
CyberTAN Technology, Inc
Nichidenbo Corporation
Hotron Precision Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd.
Davicom Semiconductor, Inc
104 Corporation
Auden Techno
G-Tech Optoelectronics Corp
GenMont Biotech Incorporation
Taliang Technology Co., Ltd
Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp
Alltek Technology Corporation
Cheer Time Enterprise Co., Ltd
Wistron Corporation
Champion Microelectronic Corporation
Sunty Development Co., LTD
Powertech Industrial Co. Ltd
Shenmao Technology Inc
Bestec Power Electronics Co., Ltd
Silitech Technology Corporation
GMI Technology Inc
Uniflex Technology Inc
TaiSol Electronics Co. Ltd
Laster Tech Corp Ltd
GeoVision Inc
Shin Zu Shing Co., Ltd
Alpha Networks Inc
Genesis Photonics Inc
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd
Foxsemicon Integrated Technology Inc
WinMate Inc
Wha Yu Industrial Co. Ltd
Tai Twun Enterprise Co. Ltd
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Inc
Global Unichip Corp
Elite Advanced Laser Corporation
Vivotek Inc
Innolux Corporation
HiTi Digital Inc
Well Shin Technology Co., Ltd
Young Optics Inc
ASROCK Incorporation
Paragon Technologies Co. Ltd
Answer Technology Co. Ltd
Silicon Optronics, Inc
Formosa Sumco Technology Corporation
Lotes Co. Ltd
Favite, Inc
Sintronic Technology Inc
Jochu Technology Co Ltd
FocalTech Systems Co. Ltd
Copartner Technology Corporation
Jia Wei Lifestyle Inc
Machvision Inc
United Renewable Energy Co. Ltd
Scientech Corporation
Leadtrend Technology Corporation
Edison Opto Corporation
Raydium Semiconductor Corp.
Logah Technology Corp
Arcadyan Technology Corporation
ACES Electronics Co. Ltd
Coxon Precise Industrial Co., Ltd
Cyber Power Systems, Inc
Young Fast Optoelectronics Co. Ltd
Taimide Tech. Inc
Jentech Precision Industrial Co. Ltd
Alchip Technologies Limited
Bizlink Holding Inc
AVer Information Inc
TPK Holding Co., Ltd
Nishoku Technology Inc
Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd
Danen Technology Corporation
AzureWave Technologies, Inc
FIC Global, Inc
WPG Holdings Limited
Continental Holdings Corp
Unizyx Holding Corporation
YungShin Global Holding Corporation
MiTAC Holdings Corporation
Swancor Holding Co., LTD
ASE Industrial Holding Co Ltd
FIT Holding Co., Ltd
Excelsior Medical Co., Ltd
Apex Medical Corp
PhytoHealth Corporation
SCI Pharmtech Inc
Abnova (Taiwan) Corporation
Chlitina Holding Limited
Rotam Global AgroSciences Limited
Adimmune Corporation
All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corp
OK Biotech Co., Ltd
CHC Healthcare Group
Jourdeness Group Limited
Yem Chio Co. Ltd
Roo Hsing Co., Ltd
Li Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd
Quang Viet Enterprise Co Ltd
TST Group Holding Ltd
Yi Shin Textile Industrial Co
Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd
Rechi Precision Co. Ltd
Topkey Corporation
TBI Motion Technology Co Ltd
Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd
Global PMX Co., Ltd
Lida Holdings Limited
Yusin Holding Corp
Strong H Machinery Technology (Cayman) Incorporation
Ying Han Technology Co., Ltd
Mosa Industrial Corporation
Khgears International Limited
Drewloong Precision, Inc
Hiwin Mikrosystem Corp
World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited
Apex Dynamics Inc.
Tex Year Industries Inc
Qualipoly Chemical Corp
Taiwan Prosperity Chemical Corporation
Bionime Corporation
Coremax Corp
Formosa Laboratories, Inc
San Fu Chemical Co., Ltd
Jinan Acetate Chemical Co. Ltd
Double Bond Chemical Ind Co Ltd
Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd
Allied Supreme Corp.
Regal Holding Co Ltd
Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd
Lemtech Holdings Co. Limited
Primax Electronics Ltd
Parpro Corporation
Nuvoton Technology Corporation
Apex International Co., Ltd
Star Comgistic Capital Co. Ltd
Tainergy Tech Co. Ltd
Global Lighting Technologies Inc
Pegatron Corp
Chia Chang Co. Ltd
Concraft Holding Co Ltd
Generalplus Technology Inc
Epileds Technologies, Inc
Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited
Cheng Mei Materials Technology Corporation
Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc
Team Group Inc
RichWave Technology Corporation
Calin Technology Co., Ltd
PCL Technologies, Inc
LCY Technology Corp
X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd
Sinher Technology Inc
San Shing Fastech Corp
CyberLink Corp
Ko Ja (Cayman) Co., Ltd
Transcom Inc
Eastech Holding Limited
Daxin Materials Corporation
Eson Precision Ind. Co. Ltd
Brightek Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.
Castles Technology Co Ltd
ASMedia Technology Inc
Heran Co Ltd
JPP Holding Company Limited
Jih Lin Technology Co., Ltd
Eurocharm Holdings Co. Ltd
Sercomm Corporation
Topco Scientific Co.Ltd
HannStar Board Corp
Sonix Technology Co.,Ltd
EverFocus Electronics Corporation
Chien Kuo Construction Co., Ltd
LongDa Construction & Development Corporation
Kung Sing Engineering Corporation
Farglory Land Development Co. Ltd
Sweeten Real Estate Development Co.Ltd
Shining Building Business Co.,Ltd
Founding Construction & Development Co. Ltd
Chong Hong Construction Co. Ltd
Tong Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd
Yonggu Group Inc
Farglory Free Trade Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd
Shih Wei Navigation Co. Ltd
Phoenix Tours International, Inc
Chailease Holding Company Limited
Chailease Holding Co. Ltd. Pfd.
The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd
Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding Co. Ltd
Tainan Enterprise Cayman Co Ltd
Grand Ocean Retail Group Ltd
Capital Securities Corporation
Capital Futures Corporation
SYSAGE Technology Co., Ltd
I-Sheng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
HannStar Display Corporation
In Win Development Inc
Darwin Precisions Corporation
General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd
Golden Bridge Electech Inc
Fullerton Technology Co., Ltd
L&K Engineering Co. Ltd
Plotech Co.Ltd
Cameo Communications, Inc
Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc
Career Technology (Mfg.) Co., Ltd
King Core Electronics Inc
Ledtech Electronics Corp
Lang Inc
ADLINK Technology Inc
Harvatek Corporation
Billionton Systems Inc
Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation
Da-Li Development Co.Ltd
Trade-Van Information Services Co
Dafeng TV Ltd
Promate Electronic Co.Ltd
Global Brands Manufacture Ltd
Lumax International Corp. Ltd
Marketech International Corp
Jess-link Products Co., Ltd
Ya Horng Electronic Co., Ltd
Holtek Semiconductor Inc
Chant Sincere Co. Ltd
Flytech Technology Co., Ltd
Kinko Optical Co. Ltd
Systex Corporation
Aurotek Corporation
DrayTek Corporation
Polytronics Technology Corporation
AIPTEK International Inc
Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd
Nidec Chaun-Choung Technology Corporation
Waffer Technology Corporation
Powertech Technology Inc
Ene Technology Inc
Dynamic Electronics Co., Ltd
Sigurd Microelectronics Corporation
Flexium Interconnect Inc
Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd
Aten International Co. Ltd
Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp
E-Life Corporation
AcBel Polytech Inc
Shun On Electronic Co., Ltd
Wistron NeWeb Corporation
Excellence Optoelectronic Inc
Arima Optoelectronics Corp
Onano Industrial Corp
Voltronic Power Technology Corp
Chicony Power Technology Co. Ltd
Ennoconn Corporation
Silergy Corp
Caswell Inc
Apogee Optocom Co Ltd
Kuangli Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
Symtek Automation Asia Co. Ltd.
EZconn Corporation
TSEC Corporation
Apaq Technology Co. Ltd
ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited
General Interface Solution (GIS) Holding Limited
Taiwan Optical Platform Co. Ltd
ANJI Technology Co. Ltd
Nan Liu Enterprise Co. Ltd
Formosa Petrochemical Corporation
WinWay Technology Co., Ltd
GEM Services, Inc
AP Memory Technology Corporation
Andes Technology Corp
Tanvex BioPharma Inc
JMC Electronics Co Ltd
SYNergy ScienTech Corp
HY Electronic (Cayman) Limited
AAEON Technology Inc
Taiwan Steel Union Co Ltd
Shin Foong Specialty and Applied Materials Co., Ltd
Sun Max Tech Ltd
Hotai Finance Co., Ltd
Applied BioCode Corporation
Depo Auto Parts Industrial Co. Ltd
B'in Live Co., Ltd
GSD Technologies Co., Ltd
Keding Enterprises Co Ltd
Luo Lih Fen Holding Co Ltd
Zhong Yang Technology Co Ltd
Wiwynn Corporation
FuSheng Precision Co., Ltd
San Neng Group Holdings Co Ltd
Ventec International Group Co.Ltd
Compal Broadband Networks Inc
Yankey Engineering Co Ltd
FineMat Applied Materials Co., Ltd
Fittech Co Ltd
Lintes Technology Co Ltd
uPI Semiconductor Corp
Rich Honour International Designs Co. Ltd
VIA Labs Inc
Sports Gear Co., Ltd
Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.
Weblink International Inc
Advanced Energy Solution Holding Co. Ltd
Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Prod
Unictron Technologies Corp
M3 Technology Inc.
Shinfox Energy Co Ltd
FY Group Ltd.
Tai Tung Communication Co., Ltd
Sitronix Technology Corporation
Topoint Technology Co., Ltd
Phoenix Silicon International Corp
Thunder Tiger Corp
Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd
Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board Corp
Chang Wah Electromaterials Inc
AV TECH Corporation
Global Mixed-Mode Technology Inc
Arima Communications Corp
CviLux Corporation
RiTdisplay Corp
Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd
Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc
Supreme Electronics Co., Ltd
Posiflex Technology, Inc
Formosa Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd
ChipMOS Technologies
Darfon Electronics Corp
Inventec Besta Co.,Ltd
Chenbro Micom Co. Ltd
Taiwan Pcb Techvest Co. Ltd
BenQ Materials Corporation
Aero Win Technology Corporation
Creative Sensor Inc
Advanced Power Electronics Co. Ltd
Apacer Technology Inc
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co. Ltd
Chien Shing Harbour Service Co.,Ltd
Ace Pillar Co., Ltd
Paiho Shih Holdings Corporation
Kingcan Holdings Limited
Cleanaway Company Limited
Keysheen (Cayman) Holdings Co. Limited
Jinli Group Holdings Limited
AMIA Co. Ltd.
WW Holding Inc
Shui-Mu International Company Limited
momo.com Inc
Power Wind Health Industry Incorporated
Ruentex Materials Co.Ltd
Nien Made Enterprise Co., LTD
M.J. International Co., Ltd
Bonny Worldwide Limited
Forest Water Environmental Eng Co Ltd
Alexander Marine Co Ltd
Taisun Int'l (Holding) Corporation
Transart Graphics Co., Ltd
Shane Global Holding Inc
Jiyuan Packaging Holdings Ltd
Top Bright Holding Co., Ltd
Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation
New Palace International Co., Ltd
Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd
Medtecs International Corporation Limited
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Digital China Holdings Limited
Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings) Limited
BH Global Corporation Limited
Dukang Distillers Holdings Limited
Tycoons Worldwide Group (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Neo-Neon Holdings Limited
SIM Technology Group Limited
Good Friend International Holdings Inc
Ju Teng International Holdings Limited
Yorkey Optical International (Cayman) Ltd
Fulgent Sun International (Holding) Co. Ltd
Tidehold Development Co. Ltd
Pou Chen Corporation
Great China Metal Ind. Co. Ltd
Hsin Ba Ba Corporation
Ton Yi Industrial Corp
The Great Taipei Gas Corporation
Feng Tay Enterprises Co., Ltd
Taiwan Sakura Corp
Associated Industries China, Inc
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Shin Shin Natural Gas Company Limited
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Taiwan Shin Kong Security Co.Ltd
Shin Hai Gas Corporation
Thye Ming Industrial Co. Ltd
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CTCI Corporation
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